Why A School Focused On Marriage

I hope that this school becomes part of a University.

I know that there are lots of warfare that surrounds the family. Many people that are nice and get married, they sometimes face challenges because if a person is successful at work but not at home, the success is not complete because everybody ought to go home every day and relax. Then if going home is warfare, dreadful. It means that a significant portion of their life is unfulfilled and there are people like that.

Yes, you can get married because of who you are and not because of what you have.

It is both pre-marital and post marital. Pre-marital for those that are single and intending. Post marital for those that are married. I believe it is for both counselling and teaching ministry. And it builds the capacity of individuals and as well as couples to enjoy relationship that can last a life time. Some of the things that are covered in class is not some of it about marriage but about relationship.

Where you are in life will influence the kind of friends that you have and your value system will also influence the kind of people you are going to align with. Sometimes, people can be materialistic. At other times, people can be practical maybe because of where they are coming from. Sometimes, parents may say, we’ve invested these attributes and education into our daughter, whoever is coming to marry her would have to take up from where we stop.

Some things are very useful at home but most things are useful in life. Marriage is about relationship.

Question:        Can I marry anybody or is there someone special for each person?

Answer:          I can make somebody special and somebody can make me special.

In the first marriage, the statement that God made was ‘let us find him a man that is suitable for him.’ One of the meaning of the word suitable is ‘compatibility’. When you go to a shop to buy a pair of shoe, you don’t buy a make but your size. There are many people that are married to the right sex but not the right size. Things can be under-sized or over-sized.

The Bible tells us clearly that it is not good for a man to be alone. We have to make the distinction between a man being alone and being lonely, because they are not the same.

Being alone means; I need somebody to partner with me to achieve something. But, being lonely means not having anyone to be with you on anything you are doing.