The Institute for Success in Marriage (ISM) is a pre and post-marital nurturing, counseling and teaching ministry. The ISM builds the capacity of singles and intending couples for joyful relationships and marriage that last a lifetime. The ISM also provides check-ups, healing, and ‘oil change or servicing’ that strengthen and refresh marriages.


Institute for Success in Marriage has two arms ©LoveWorks and ©MarriageWorks.


Your marriage, a loving union that works!

God’s desire is for the marriage union to be heaven on earth.

But this is not the story for many couples.

Pressures from everyday life, interference from other people, mistakes, and lack of skills to deal with issues in communication, children, finances or sex have caused an engine-knock in many marriages or left partners living as strangers under one roof.

Many are enduring, rather than enjoying marriage.

This is not God’s plan.

At ©ISM –©LoveWorks and ©MarriageWorks we recognize marriage as a covenant relationship between two individuals and that the primary keys to a successful marriage are PREPARATION and DIVINE GUIDIANCE!!!